Michael Jackson: Death Hoax Theories

July 15, 2009

Michael Jackson: Death Hoax Theories

I Am A Huge Fan Of Michael Jackson And Since His Death I Have Been Doing My Own Research About His Death, I Have Come To A Realization That He May Still Be Alive, Im Not Confirming That He Is, But I Have Doubts That He Is Dead. There Are Many Reasons That I Have This Theory, And I Will Be Posting Links For You To Check For Yourself Without Having To Rely On Media Coverage, Which The King Of Pop Told Us Was Full Of Shit In His Own Words. We All Have Our Own Opinions And Im Just Expressing My Own, You Are More Than Welcome To Comment And Let Me Know What You Think, But Please Be Positive And Do Not Leave Negative Remarks Behind, I Am Seeking Intelligence In Others Who Come And Share Their Thoughts, So Please Express Your Thoughts With Respect And Intelligence And Please Do Not Attack Others Opinions, That Is Childish And Will Not Be Dealt With Lightly.


I Am Going To Begin At The Beginning Of His Death And Work Back With Observation And Research Within Links I Send Out.

Michael Jackson’s Death

June 25th 2009, Shocked The World As Everyone Heard That Michael Jackson, The King Of Pop Died, It Seemed As If The World Stood Still And Was In Shock. The First Message I Recieved Was From My Cellphone In A Text Message, Stating That Michael Jackson Died, At First I Thought It Was Just Another Joke, That Some Heartless Foul Decided To Play On Others. As I Turned On The New’s, My World Came Tumbling Down, There In Front Of Me On The New’s And It Seemed Like On Every Channel That Michael Jackson Was In Fact Dead. As I Found Out, TMZ, Was The First On The Scene, So Im About To Comment On TMZ’s Findings.


Michael Jackson Died At 50. Hmmmmm An Interesting Number, Exactly 50. Seems Odd To Me, I Know That Sounds Ridiculous To You, But 50 Is An Even Number. Plus 50 Is Also A Young Age To Pass Away In This Generation. But At The Same Time, It Is Believable.

I Have Heard That Michael Jackson Had Been Planning His Death For Many Years, Quite Possibly The Start Was When He Married Lisa Marie Presley. Michael Jackson First Of All, Loved Illusions, Loved Playing Jokes On People And Really Wanted To Fake His Death And Had Many Reasons To Do So. Plus There Are Many Individuals Who Believe He Had The Means To Hoax His Own Death, But Why?

The Reasons He Would Hoax His Own Death

  • My Opinion Is That Since He Was Planning A Big Comeback Tour And This Tour Was Gonna Be The Last One, He Wanted To Make It Huge. He More Than Likely Has Been Planning This All Out For Quite A While. What Better Way Of Putting On A Comeback Tour? Plus As You See It Is Called A Comeback Tour, And Why Else Would It Be Called A Comeback Tour, If He Already Stated This Was Gonna Be His Last Tour. He Didnt Say It Was Gonna Be His Last Performance. He Loved Illusions, Playing Jokes On People And Wanted To Make This Concert Huge. So He Faked His Death And He Had To Make It Look Reasonably Lucid, Since The Media Isnt All That Smart And Likes To Go On Lies For Their Articles. My Idea Is That After Everything Settles Down, And Everyone Seems To Forget That Michael Jackson Has Died And Everyone Loses All Hope That He Is In Fact Alive. They Will Put On A Concert And A Special Guest Will Come On Stage And Surprise The World, That It Is In Fact Michael Jackson Alive, Yes He Will Have To Explain Why He Did This, But He Is Intelligent And Im Pretty Sure, Its Not Gonna Be Hard For Him To Explain Why He Did It, But Also The Concert Could Be A Cover Up Of The Actual Concert, Or It Could Just Start With A Dedication To Michael Jackson And Thriller Could Come On First And All Of A Sudden, Michael Jackson Comes Back From The Dead, Which Makes Complete Sense. The Concert Would Be In The History Books, He Stated “You Aint Seen Nothing Yet” Since Then, We Have Saw Crazyness Everywhere After His Death.


  • Another Reason For Faking His Death Would Be, The Media Has Hounded Him For Years And Have Made Him Look Like A Bad Individual, Which In Fact He Is Not, He Is A Wonderful Individual, Who Sees The Best In Everyone, He Has Stated In Recent Years, That The Media Is Bullshit And People Should Educate Themselves With Their Own Research. Hence After His Death, That Is In Fact What Individuals Are Doing. He Wanted To Make The Media Look Like Fools And If In Fact He Is Still Alive, The Media Will Become A Joke. Since They Have Created Tons Of Stories About His Death And Nothing Is Adding Up. Confusion Is Everywhere, Different Stories, Everyone Seems To Be Smoking Crack Trying To Get Their Stories Straight, Which Isnt Happening. There Is No One Solid Story About Michael Jacksons Death. Hence The Media Are Full Of Shit And You Shouldn’t Believe Anything They Say.


  • He Also Wanted Those Children To Come Clean And Tell The World The Truth, Which Has Happened. They Have Came Out And Said They Did It Either Because Their Parents Made Them Make Those Accusations Or They Just Needed The Money. Which They Had The Perfect Accusations, Since Michael Jackson Loved Children So Much And Let Them Come To Neverland, Which I Know For Certain He Doesnt Regret. They Had The Perfect Story, Since The Media Has Made Michael Look Like A Weird Individual, Which Michael Jackson Wasn’t Normal But He Wasnt A Child Molestor Either. He Had The Money, That These Children Needed Or Wanted. More Likely Their Parents Wanted Because No Child Is Gonna Just Come Up With A Story That Someone That Gave Them So Much, Molested Them. Children Dont Lie, Unless Someone Tells Them To Do It, And Sometimes People Bring Force Upon Children If The Children Doesnt Want To Go Through With It.  People Will Do Anything For Money. Michael Jackson Just Wanted Those Kids To Tell The Truth And Look At The Timing, He Died And These Children Are Of Age That They Arent Under Their Parents Guardianship Anymore. Weird Huh?


  • He Stated That He Had Many Disguises, Body Doubles And Impersonators. He Always Said He Wanted To Live A Normal Life, That He Hasnt Had Since He Was 5. He Once Stated That He Would Go Out In Public In Disguises To See The Real People, Instead Of The People Who Saw Only Him And Went Crazy When He Showed Himself In Public, The Man Couldn’t Even Go Shopping Without The Media And Crazy Fans Hounding Him. He Wanted To See What The World Thought Of Him And What Conversations Normal People Discussed. He Wanted To See The Truth In People. So Therefore What A Better Way Of Dieing And Walking Around In Disguises To See What A Normal Life Would Be Like, Because If He Did That While He Was Alive, People Would Wonder Where Michael Jackson Was. Since He Is Dead Noone Would Suspect It. He Loved To Observe The World.


  • He Wanted To See What The World Thought About Him, He Wanted To See Who His True Friends Were. He Wanted To See How Much People Would Miss Him. He Never Got To See True Feelings. So Hoaxing His Death Made That Possible. This Man Has Had So Much Media Coverage On His Death And Links Are Popping Up All Around About His Death, The Man’s Death Made Him So Much Bigger And He Knew That Would Happen.


If He Really Did Hoax His Death And Wanted To Make The Ultimate Comeback, You Know How Many People Would Have To Be Behind This, To Make It Possible That He Wouldn’t Get Into Trouble? Just Because He Was In Debt Doesn’t Mean He Didnt Have Any Money. Noone Ever Stopped Buying His Music And Memorabilia. Its Michael Jackson Were Talking About, He Had To Be Intelligent To Become A Superstar And Make Music About Changing The World. His Family Had To Be Behind It, The Docters, TMZ, Since They Were On The Scene Before Any Other News. Alot Of His Friends. Instead Of Me Jumbling My Words, Im Gonna Start At TMZ And Go From His Journey From Cardiac Arrest To The Memorial And Jump From His Music And Lyrics To Now.

TMZ’s New’s Article


This Article Is Simple And To The Point And Very Believable, Its Not Confusing Or Anything At All. So At This Time I Was Convinced And Sad That He Actually Died. The Article Doesn’t State Any Full Of Shitness.


Michael Jackson’s Memorial: First Glimpse



The Memorial Starts Out With The Choir Singing “We Are Going To See The King” Hence Michael Jackson Was The King Of Pop. Could Be Just A Coincedence, But As Michael Jackson Has Stated He Wanted To Direct, He Loved Subliminal Messages And Illusions. He Could Have Directed His Whole Memorial If In Fact He Hoaxed His Death. Which Shows Alot Of Subliminal Messages, Reasoning It Wasnt Believable. None Of His True Friends Was There, Elizabeth Taylor, Maculey Culkin, Diana Ross, Uri And Plenty Of Other Famous Indivduals Who Thought Highly Of This Man. His Casket Was Too Short For Him To Have Been Inside, He Had Long Legs. As The Jacksons Brought The Casket In, As They Put It In Place, They Were Looking Around, Making Sure Noone Was Planning On Trying To Open It. Plus All His Family And Many Others Who Were At The Memorial Wore Sunglasses, Which Doesn’t Make Any Sense At All. Maybe To Cover The Fact, They Werent Really Crying, Plus They Had No Tissues.

Mariah Carey, Sang Ill Be There. Read The Lyrics. Here Ill Post Them Here.

You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back
Where there is love, Ill be there

Ill reach out my hand to you, Ill have faith in all you do
Just call my name and Ill be there

Ill be there to comfort you,
Build my world of dreams around you, Im so glad that I found you
Ill be there with a love thats strong
Ill be your strength, Ill keep holding on

Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter
Togetherness, well thats all Im after
Whenever you need me, Ill be there
Ill be there to protect you, with an unselfish love that respects you
Just call my name and Ill be there

If you should ever find someone new, I know hed better be good to you
cause if he doesnt, Ill be there
Dont you know, baby, yeah yeah
Ill be there, Ill be there, just call my name, Ill be there

(just look over your shoulders, honey – oo)

Ill be there, Ill be there, whenever you need me, Ill be there
Dont you know, baby, yeah yeah

Ill be there, Ill be there, just call my name, Ill be there…

// <![CDATA[The Lyrics State Ill Be There, As Long As There Is Love, How Much Love Did He Have While He Was Alive? None At All, The Media Fucked That All Up. So Therefore Now That He Has Died, There Has Been So Much Love For Him Times 100. What Do You Get Out Of This Song?]]>

// <![CDATA[http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1615416/20090707/jackson_michael.jhtml]]>

// <![CDATA[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShlhRftS3Ec]]>




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